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Summer students

Several students engaged in research in our lab this summer. It was a great opportunity for the students to gain hands-on experience in a leading-edge research environment. We enjoyed teaching them and wish them best of luck for their future!

A farewell cake from our summer students at the end of their summer research program!

Felipe Flores (Harvard College 2019) worked on a computational-based project to integrate multi-omic data, through a deep learning framework, for identification of functional epigenetic-/heterogeneity-based differences within triple-negative breast cancers.

Bethlehem (Betty) Lulseged (Harvard College 2020) examined the immune cell infiltration in triple negative breast tumors upon treatment with various drugs, such as immunotherapeutic agents.

Stephanie Zhao (Harvard College 2021) examined the heterogeneity within triple-negative breast cancers using immune-fluorescence microscopy.

Jessica Button (Holy Cross 2019) cloned and tested reporter constructs to assess response of breast cancer cells to various therapeutic agents.

Benjamin Oakes (University of Miami 2022) compared gene expression changes of PDX samples treated with various HER2-targeting and chemotherapy drugs.

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